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#1 2013-08-27 12:55:34

#! Die Hard
From: Ottawa, Canada
Registered: 2012-11-15
Posts: 621

RAM usage

I don't have anything open on my computer and the RAM usage is 525/1.96GB according to my Conky display.

What is using up all this memory? Conky?

Is ther something I can post back that may offer a hint of what is going on?

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#2 2013-08-27 13:02:26

Ed Flanders
#! Member
From: cl
Registered: 2011-10-26
Posts: 60

Re: RAM usage

You can check what's using all that memory with htop

I've made a huge mistake


#3 2013-08-27 13:27:04

#! Junkie
Registered: 2013-03-15
Posts: 484

Re: RAM usage

If you use "free" you must read the field +/-buffers / used. The more used space is only caching.


#4 2013-08-27 13:48:44

Registered: 2008-11-24
Posts: 2,982

Re: RAM usage

So you have 75% of your RAM free. What would you consider a reasonable number? smile



#5 2013-08-27 14:27:16

#! Junkie
Registered: 2013-03-15
Posts: 484

Re: RAM usage

At start you normally do not use 512 MB RAM. Perhaups 70 or 100 MB. Please post direct after boot the output of



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