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#1 2013-08-27 11:26:12

#! Die Hard
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The leanest gui Crunchbang

I have #! installed on my Dell 3000 desktop computer. It has 2GB of RAM. It does have a tendency to lag at times.

What I am looking for is the leanest meanest #! I can have on my 3000. The one distro that seems to work fine is Puppy mainly because it runs from RAM. Aside from that, I would like to have Crunchbang at it's leanest while still maintaining a GUI.

I know there are toms of WM's and FM's out there plus maybe other things I am not aware of.

If it were you running #! on a Dell 3000, how would you set it up for maximum speed and efficiency?

Once changes are made, is it only a matter of modifying the autostart file?

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#2 2013-08-27 11:40:09

#! Die Hard
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Re: The leanest gui Crunchbang

you might want to check out the "30 window managers in 30 days"-thread for a WM that is leaner..

and replace all applications with even lighter ones.. rox instead of thunar.. other mediaplayer.. ligter browser like midori.. but I dont see much benefit in that.. lots of changes.. benefit is not so big IMO. crunchbang is a pretty much full-featured distro that is light on resources, but not a mini-distro like puppy or micro like DSL or tinycore.

when do you experience lags? while browsing? or the lags while loading apps from HDD?

ofcourse puppy is faster when it runs from ram. why not use another distro that is super-light, or just find a puplet you like (surely there is a openbox one)? or try slitaz or porteus, both of which can run from ram and are rather user-friendly.

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#3 2013-08-27 13:24:54

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Re: The leanest gui Crunchbang

Run 'htop' when it is lagging to find out why. smile



#4 2013-08-27 14:08:36

#! Bean Roaster
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Re: The leanest gui Crunchbang

you can find useful tips also in Crunchbang SUB 100 club...  cool

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#5 2013-08-27 22:49:50

#! Die Hard
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Re: The leanest gui Crunchbang

There's likely a few things you can do to make #! snappier-lighter or more responsive without resorting to migrating to another WM but by all means there's no shortage to experiment with. One of the many great things about gnu/nix. Someone already suggested 2Manydogs 30 wm's in 30 dys thread.

Think recall you recently saying at idle your pc was using 500+mbs of 2gigs ? One thing that could help you get a more responsive #! experience, lower swappiness. Disk i/o-swapping is for the most part imo ... not a good thing.

1. Open terminal and "gksudo geany /etc/sysctl.conf &exit"

File opens ... scroll down to the bottom and add a line like this there.

# Reduce swappiness

Always been led to believe vm.swappiness for desktop/laptop system is supposed to be 10, not the default in many/most of 60. Can check what your current swappiness value is set at with " cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness likely it'll say 60.

Why do this ? If swappiness is set too high the kernel will swap stuff out of RAM to disk ( your swap partition), even if there's still plenty of free RAM. Slows things down.

2. Disable unwanted startup daemons/services that start everytime you boot with bum. Could speed up boot a lil, save on system resources. Nothing spectacular mostly but why have a bluetooth daemon started everytime you boot the OS, if you don't use bluetooth devices with it ?

3. Might try turning off compositioning and see if it makes any difference to you. Can always turn it back on if so.

Vl#! smile

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#6 2013-08-27 23:27:47

#! Samurai
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Re: The leanest gui Crunchbang

As snowpine suggested.. find out what is eating up so much ram.
500megs at idle is quiet high.

It could also be a kernel issue.


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