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#1 2014-01-22 12:12:04

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New idea: Scrollback for

Hi Friends,

I was today at crunchbang IRC channel to demo what we have built here at :

Scrollback for Crunchbang

Scrollback is an open source community chat app which integrates with IRC. It is free; and we are currently reaching out to other other open source and tech communities to try out scrollback and provide us their feedback. Many Mozilla communities (India, Srilanka, Taiwan, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and many more) and hackerspaces (like are already using scrollback on their website in integration with IRC.

We would greatly appreciate if you deploy Scrollback on crunchbang website and provide us your feedback.

It is very easy to integrate with the website: using small piece of code as shown here :
For any queries/ feedback feel free to reach back to me at

Looking forward to your support.

Kind Regards


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