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Z-obsolete Autostarting Applications [DUPLICATE]

found a better guide so link everything to that DESKTOP Autostart applications when openbox starts

Programs can be set to autostart when you first log in to CrunchBang, these can be set from the Autostart file, located in ~/.config/openbox/, (you can access it from the main menu, Preferences –> Openbox Config –> Edit

In the file you will see pairs of entries like this:

# Start volume control system tray applet
volwheel &

Lines starting with '#' are comments and ignored, in this case it tells you what the command does, it can also be used to comment out a command you may not want to use. The second line is the command, exactly the same as a command you may use in the terminal. In this case it starts volwheel, which is the volume control applet you see at the bottom, towards the right had side. The '&' at the end of the command indicates that it should be run in the background, what this does is allow Openbox to move on to the next command, if we just called 'volwheel' Openbox wouldn't move on to anything else until volwheel had finished, in this case never.

You may also notice entries like this:

# Uncomment to enable system updates at boot
(sleep 180s && system-update) &

This command sleeps for 180 seconds (3 minutes), then runs the command, this is used to allow everything to be setup properly, and in the correct order. If launching something is causing problems, try letting it sleep for a few seconds before running.


Test commands in the terminal first, if they work there they will work in your autostart file, and if they don't they are easier to debug.


To perform the above in xfce edit the following file instead:


(machinebacon) Basically the content is okay, but as stated in the text, we have a better guide linked. I'd say this shall be [Obsolete] or [Archived].

agreed mr bacon. it is redundant. we do need to change the name of the other page (proper) wiki-page i think, so it is more concise. something like 'Openbox - Autostart Applications'. – rhowaldt

finally marked z-obsolete. copied the relevant content to DESKTOP Autostart applications when openbox starts - so this one here can be removed

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