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DESKTOP rc.xml

The Rc.xml file contains many of the configuration options for Openbox, it is located at ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, and is accessible from the main menu under Preferences → Openbox Config → Edit rc.xml. Many of the more common options can be configured using the GUI application obconf, accessible through the main menu under Preferences → Openbox config → GUI Config Tool, Keybindings are covered on another page DESKTOP Configuring Keybindings.

The File is well commented and fairly self explanatory.

General Configuration

The first section (up to <keyboard>) mainly covers the same things that DESKTOP Obconf does.


strength is basically the number of pixels that you need to drag a window before it will cover another window. screen_edge_strength is the same but for the screen edge.

See the Openbox Configuration page for more info.

Keybindings & Mousebindings

The second section within the


tags deals with keybindings. The section within the


tags deals with mouse bindings.

See DESKTOP Configuring Keybindings for more information.


The next section deals with the main menu and its behaviour

    <!-- You can specify more than one menu file in here and they are all loaded,
       just don't make menu ids clash or, well, it'll be kind of pointless -->
    <!-- default menu file (or custom one in $HOME/.config/openbox/) -->
    <!-- system menu files on Debian systems 
    <file>debian-menu.xml</file> -->

<file> is the menu that is used, by default menu.xml. <hideDelay> if a button press lasts longer than this the menu is closed (in milliseconds). <middle> whether to centre submenus relative to the main menu, or not. <submenuShowDelay> delay for showing submenus <applicationIcons> whether to show icons in the menu.

For more information on modifying the actual contents of the menu see DESKTOP Configuring the Openbox Menu.


the section within the



This section deals with rules for individual windows, whether to hide window decorations, start maximised etc, the rc.xml has a well annotated example.

See this page in the official Openbox documentation for more information.


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