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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start applications automatically?

Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select “Preferences → Openbox Config → Edit”. Insert a new entry for the program you wish to have auto-started. For example, to have Pidgin started, enter:

# Launch Pidgin chat client
(sleep 2s && pidgin) &

:!: Lines beginning with a # are comments and are for your convenience.

For more details please see the autostarting programs page.

I installed X application. Why can I not find it in the menu?

The Openbox menu in CrunchBang does not automatically update when you add new applications. To change your menu, right-click anywhere on your desktop and select “Preferences → Openbox Config → GUI Menu Editor” and enter a new menu item for X application.

For more details, including adding an auto updating menu, please see the DESKTOP Configuring the Openbox Menu page.

How do I change the look / feel / theme of Crunchbang?

See this very handy wiki page on the subject: Wiki:Theming Crunchbang

How do I set-up Bluetooth?

Install the following packages with this terminal command:

sudo apt-get install bluez-gnome bluetooth gnome-bluetooth

Next, right-click anywhere on your desktop and select “Preferences → Openbox Config → Edit”. Add the following entry:

(sleep 5s && bluetooth-applet) &

The Bluetooth applet should now start automatically when you login to CrunchBang.

How to I change my Keyboard Layout?

From a terminal run the following command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

This will step through various configuration options for your console, along with Keyboard Layout.

Please see this thread for temporarily switching between keyboard layouts, and this guide.

How do I change my Timezone?

From a terminal run the following command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Select your location, and based on that, it will select the correct timezone.

What's a super key / what can I do if I don't have one?

The super key is a generic name for the Windows key or the Apple key, perhaps you have one of those?

Unfortunately many laptops do not have a super key. For solutions please read the links section of configuring keybindings.

For all other problems / questions

If your question is not on this list, you may find it at the HOWTO Master List wiki page.

You can also Search the wiki with the search bar at the top of the page.

The Wiki is categorized in sections:

  • ABOUT - For general information about Crunchbang
  • ADMIN - For administrative tasks like package management and system administration
  • APPLICATIONS - Introducing the pre-installed appications
  • AUDIO - For topics about ALSA, Pulseaudio, Jack and OSS
  • DESKTOP - Everything about the “Holy Trinity” Openbox, Conky and Tint2
  • INSTALLATION - Guides that help you install Crunchbang on USB, HDD or SSD
  • KEYBOARD - If your keyboard fails or you have problems mapping keys
  • LAPTOP - Guides specially written for laptop and netbook users
  • LOCALES - Topics about multi-language installations, Asian language support and Input Methods
  • MOUSE - Mouse Settings and Tweaks
  • NETWORKING - Related to networking, Samba shares, SSH
  • SCREENSHOTS - As the title suggests, you find screenshots of older releases
  • VARIOUS - Tips & Tricks not only related to Crunchbang
  • WIKI-DE - Wiki pages in German
  • WIKI-ES - Wiki pages in Spanish

Otherwise, check out the CrunchBang forums. Try searching the Help and Support Section, or the Tips, Tricks, and Scripts section. Someone have have figured the solution out your problem already.

Otherwise, try:

If you still can't find a solution, you can post a thread at the forums

And if you do find an answer, please post a message with a link at the HOWTO Solutions thread to help others with the same problem!

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