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Firefox is the default web browser for CrunchBang and is available in the menu under 'Web Browser'. It is also attached to the keybinding W-w (Windows/superkey-w). Firefox in CrunchBang also has out of the box for flash video.

Useful extensions

Addons can be installed either from the firefox website or through the top level menu under Tools –> Addons, and clicking on the Get addons tab.

  • Omnibar combines your search and address bar into one.
  • Fission combines your progress and address bars, can be combined with the Omnibar.
  • Ubiquity allows you to use different dynamic commands in Firefox.
  • Vimperator allows you to control Firefox using Vim keybindings.
  • Adblock plus hides the ads from the web pages.



(machinebacon) Nothing much to say here - or does it need more details for about:config?

at least the Ubiquity-thingy is no longer being maintained. i think it is a bit short indeed. could be more useful – rhowaldt

starting a forum-discussion on this page. i have my doubts about its usefulness. – rhowaldt

mb: proposing a deletion. Duplicate to iceweasel, but Firefox is not an official Debian package, not the default in Crunchbang and not available without changing the sources/installing 3rd party binaries.

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