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Gmrun is an application launcher installed by default in CrunchBang, commands typed in will be run, as in a terminal. It is accessible from the menu under Run Program (at the top), and is also attached to the key sequence Alt-F2.


  • GUI apps can just be typed in and run by pressing enter. Terminal apps can be run by using ctrl-enter. Entering ctrl-enter with a blank input box will open up a blank terminal.
  • Gmrun features tab completion, entering tab will bring up a scrollable list of possible matches.
  • Web addresses eg, entered into Gmrun will launch a web browser automatically.
    • The same goes for email addresses, using the 'mailto:' prefix eg, will launch your email client.
    • More shortcuts can be added to ~/.gmrun (covered below)
  • You can enter search mode by entering '!' as the first letter, the title should change from 'Run program' to 'Search', letters you input will then automatically come up with suggestions from your command history.
    • Ctrl-r searches backwards through the history.
    • Ctrl-s searches forward through the history.
    • Ctrl-g cancels a search
  • If an extension has been defined in the configuration file, files can be launched by the correct program just by typing the file name.
  • Press [ESC] (escape) to exit, without running anything.

For more info see the man page; in a terminal type:

man gmrun

or in the menu under Preferences → gmrun config → man page.


to configuration file is situated in ~/.gmrun, also accessible in the menu under Preferences → gmrun config → edit config file. Please note that '%u' is expanded to the full command entered, '%s' is the last part after the shortcut, eg '', %u would expand to '', %s would expand to '//'.

ShowDotFiles = 1
TabTimeout = 0
Terminal = terminator
TermExec = terminator --command
URL_http = firefox '%u'
URL_mailto = claws-mail '%s'
EXT:html = firefox file://%s
Top = 10
Left = 10
Width = 100
History = 100
  • 'ShowDotFiles' Whether to show dotfiles eg .gmrun in the autocomplete menu, 1 = true, 0 = false.
  • 'TabTimeout' Whether to show the tab complete menu automatically when something is inputted, 1 = true, 0 = false.
  • 'Terminal' The command to run when Ctrl-enter is entered without other input.
  • 'TermExec' The command to run when running a specific command in the terminal eg 'ls ~ (Ctrl-enter)'.
  • 'URL_http' The command to run when a web address is entered.
  • 'URL_mailto' The command to run when an email address is entered.
  • 'EXT:html' command to open html files with, based on the file extension, another might be 'EXT:txt = gedit %s'
  • 'Top' & 'Left' The placement of the window, in pixels from the respective edge.
  • 'Width' The width in pixels of the window.
  • 'History' Length of command history that is stored.

Adding Commands

Shortcuts can easily be added.

Search the CrunchBang forums
URL_cb = firefox ''

Which is used like this:


Would search CrunchBang forums for 'Help!'.

Open Text files
EXT:txt = gedit %s

Will then open all files ending in '.txt' with Z-Obsolete VARIOUS Gedit [OBSOLETE/NEEDS EDITING?].

Other Ideas


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