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DESKTOP Edit Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcuts in Crunchbang are handled through the Openbox window manager. These keyboard shortcuts are referred to as Keybindings. The settings for these shortcuts are saved in the openbox configuration file “rc.xml”, which is located in ”/home/username/.config/openbox”. This can be accessed through the main menu: Preferences → Openbox → Edit rc.xml

For a complete guide, see the Help Page at the offical Openbox help wiki

How to

Changing Entries

Open the configuration file with a text editor. Search (or scroll down) till you find a section called <keyboard>. There you will see a list of configuration entries such as, for example:

  <keybind key="A-F2">
    <action name="Execute">
        <name>Run Program</name>

The above code generates a keybinding shortcut for Alt-F2 to run program 'gmrun'.

If you look the code, you will find all the basic keyboard shortcuts included by default, such as “Super”(windows key)+W → Open Web browser, etc that you see on your Conky keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet. You can easily go through and find most shortcuts already included by name.

Creating Entries

If you don't find the shortcut you're looking for already included, then you can create your own. You must include a set of three tags, plus any additional modifiers you want to include:

  <action name="name">

The action name is chosen from a list of available Openbox commands, available at the official site wiki: Help Actions.

Other Options

  • Keychains

Aside from setting basic keyboard shortcuts, you can set up the ever-handy Keyboard-chains. These allow you to set up quick chain-commands for keystrokes to greatly accelerate your actions.

  • Mouse settings

You can also set up configuration for the mouse bindings.

Guides / Other Links

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