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VARIOUS Accessing the #! IRC Channel [OK]


:!: Please see IRC rules for details.


The default #! repositories has a few IRC clients available:

This isn't a complete list, but it covers the main IRC clients, a few more exist but are for more specialised areas (such as a pure Perl IRC client).


The #! IRC channel is on the Freenode network, connect to and this will connect you to a random server in the network. The channel name is #crunchbang.

IRC Services

Heres a quick overview of whats available on Freenode and the #! IRC channel

Nickserv / Chanserv

Nickserv allows you to register your nickname, and even disallow other people from using it. To find out further information on this service, send “help” in a priv message to Nickserv.

Chanserv allows registered users to register channels, allowing protection of your channel and other services. Same as Nickserv, message the bot for help.


Crunchie is the #! Infobot, which allows the storage of factoids which can be referenced later.


Scribbler is the #! Statbot. You can see the current stats at

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