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DESKTOP gmrun: Search Using catfish and gmrun

Installation of catfish and Configuration of gmrun

Catfish is installed by default on recent Crunchbang releases.

1. Edit gmrun's configuration file: nano ~/.gmrunrc or gedit ~/.gmrunrc

2. Add these two lines to .gmrunrc:

 URL_s = catfish --hidden --path=/ '%s'
 URL_sh = catfish --hidden --path=/home/yourhome/ '%s'

3. Make sure to change “yourhome” to the name of your home directory. If desired, you can alter URL_s and URL_sh to any other keyword. For instance, URL_search or URL_searchhome. You can also eliminate hidden files from your search by removing –hidden from the commands above. Lastly, you can alter the search path by editing ”–path=”.

4. Save and exit your editor.

How to invoke catfish in gmrun

1. Call gmrun using alt-f2

2. Type either s:searchterm or sh:searchterm to search either your file system or your home directory for your “searchterm”.

That's it! You can now search for files and folders using catfish and gmrun!

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