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NETWORKING Sync xpad across computers with Dropbox

Xpad is a nice, light weight post-it note program. However, if you use more than one computer, you might want synchronize across your computers. Ubuntuone is supposed to sync Tomboy post-it notes across your computers, but if you prefer Dropbox (maybe because you're like me and can't figure out Ubuntuone), this tutorial should help you do the same thing.

After that go to Terminator and enter the following command:

ln -s ~/.config/xpad/ ~/Dropbox/.config/

This will create a link in your Dropbox folder to the folder with all your xpad info (notes, etc.)

On your other computer, enter the following command in Terminator:

ln -s ~/Dropbox/.config/xpad ~/.config/

This will create a link in your .config folder where your xpad info is supposed to be that will point to the Dropbox folder (that's synced with your original computer.

Note: I have not yet tested the ability to make a new note on the slave computer that will sync to the master computer. So far I have synced my Jaunty #! computer with my Statler #! computer, but I have only tested it “one-way”. Update: creating a new note on the slave computer creates a new note on the master computer! Woo hoo!

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