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VARIOUS Install Wbar


Wbar is a very sweet little mac-style animated application launcher. Eye-candy, but easy on the resources.

See some screenshots here.

How to set up

The first step is to install Wbar

sudo apt-get install wbar

Then i delete all icons out of panel applets. once this is done add back menu..system tray…and taskbar…and any other add on you want.

Now open your file manager - Thunar works best - go to where you saved the wbar files and double click to install. after they are both installed you should find wbarconf file in menu under accessories.. if not open run from right click menu and type wbarconf. In wbar config simply hit the refresh button - you should see wbar appear at the bottom of your screen. now del all the icons and press save. now open Thunar* and go to usr/share/applications and drop and drag any programs you want on wbar. when fin press save.Also note that opening file/settings in wbarconf allows you to allign wbar to top or sides of screen, size of icons and magnification of icons. (ALSO some of the files you copied over - under the command line show up with a % sign after command ie: firefox% simply delete the % and press save and reset One last step - open right click menu prefrences/openbox config /edit on last line type the following on 2 lines

#Launch wbar

(sleep 6s && wbar) &

or copy this file: sleep 5 exec wbar -pos bottom -bpress -above-desk -zoomf 2.0 -isize 32 -idist 4 -jumpf 1 -nanim 3 -balfa 0 exit 0

set its permissions to executable (”chmod +x wbar_start”), and move it to /usr/bin/ on your system (”sudo mv ~/Desktop/wbar_start /usr/bin/). Now to test it, reboot your system and see if the Wbar launcher dock shows up on the bottom of your desktop. it should look something like this:

* pcmanfm does not support drop and dragging of files like thunar

Note Wbar’s default icons are located in /usr/share/wbar/iconpak/. Additional application-launch icons are available in /usr/share/pixmaps/.

Other tips/tricks/problems

If you run into any other issues / trickiness involving the wbar installation, please post them here to the wiki!

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