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HOWTO The Official (Er, Semi-Official) How-To Master List

The what?

Basically, this page will be a list of links to every how-to that anyone in the crunchbang community discovers. Preferably each article will be added as its own page in the wiki.

Where these are coming from

From you!

If you have found a solution, add a link here. Submissions are welcome directly to the wiki page. Otherwise, you can post a link to your solution in the HOWTO Master-List sticky at the forums, and we will add it to the wiki for you.

Umm, why?

“What's the point of having a wiki page? If I find a solution somewhere else, why post it to the wiki list?”

Because, as experience will show, it's A LOT EASIER to find an answer if they're all in one place. If you've run across a problem, someone else has had it too. Instead of every individual who has the same problem running around willy-nilly looking for answers among the tens of thousands of desperate pleas for help on the various forums scattered across the net… The first person to find a solution can provide the answer for everyone else to come.

I have a problem that's not on the list!

“I have a problem that's not on the list!”

There's a lot of problems. =)

If you can't find a solution here, search the forums for an answer. If you still can't find an answer there, try searching the Ubuntu wiki or the Ubuntu Forums Debian Wiki or the Debian Forums. If you do find your answer, then pleasepost a message about your solution at the HOWTO Master-List Sticky so others can find the solution too! And finally, if you don't find your solution at any of those places, post a new thread at the forums.

The List

General / Unsorted

In no particular order…

  • HOW TO - Always display power manager icon in systray: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Auto-hide the 'connected to network' popup: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Change the clock format for lxpanel: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Change the default folder for “Desktop”: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Choose a custom x-www-browser alternative: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Connect to preferred wireless network on startup: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Increase mouse speed: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Install East Asian Language support: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Invert left-right mouse buttons: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Kill an unresponsive application: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Set Font Subpixel Smoothing: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Set up Volume Buttons With HP Pavilion (And others!): Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Use and Setup DropBox : Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Switch Keyboard Layouts easily : Wikipage
  • HOW TO - Fix display problems on old laptops (get 1024×768 display working) : Wikipage
  • HOW TO - Invert screen colors : Wikipage


  • HOW TO - Back up #! on the eeePC: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Recover deleted files (ie Permanently removed):
  • HOW TO - Redistribute free space to system partition: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Rename a bunch of files in subdirectories quickly: Wiki page
  • HOW TO - Swap the CapsLock and left Ctrl keys: Wiki page


  • HOW TO - Find applications and add them to the Openbox menu: Wiki page
  • HOW TO - Kill Unresponsive Applications with single click: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Install libreoffice: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Install wvdial: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Set up DNS and Fast Free DNS Server list for use with wvdial or other modem programs: Web article


File managers

  • HOW TO - Connect to a ssh directory with Thunar : Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Set up Samba (Windows) shares using Thunar : Wikipage

Mail applications

Icons / Shortcuts / Wallpaper

  • HOW TO - Add Desktop Icons in Crunchbang: Wiki Page
  • HOW TO - Create shortcuts for applications/folders in #! : Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Have a Desktop Terminal and Terminal Profiles Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Have Terminator as your wallpaper : Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Install icon themes: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Install Wbar - application launcher bar Wiki page
  • HOW TO - Use Thunar right-click menu to set Wallpaper: Forum thread
  • HOW TO - Change Iceweasel's icon: Wikipage
  • HOW TO - Set up a screensaver as a wallpaper Wikipage

Openbox / Crunchbang Menu

Pager applications / Virtual Desktops

Taskbar applications

Chat / Messaging applications

Graphics / Image applications

  • HOW TO - Set gpicview as default image editor: Wiki page

Installation guides

How to contribute

  1. Add a link to a solution you have found at this wiki page By clicking the “Edit this Page” button” Below
  2. Add a link to your solution at the forums Howto Master List thread
  3. Create your own wiki page with a brief explanation of the problem / the solution that you found, with a link.
  4. Create a full on slap-bang Complete Tutorial about How I Solved This Problem at its own page on the wiki, and have it added to the list here, and exult forever in your How-to guru glory.
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