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Obconf is a graphical utility for configuring the look and behaviour of Openbox, It is able to modify many settings found in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml although not everything, notably keybindings, see the DESKTOP Configuring Keybindings page for information on that and Configuring rc.xml for the full range of options available. Obconf is available in the main menu, under Preferences → Openbox config → GUI Config Tool.

Most of the options are pretty self explanatory but a few are covered below:

Openbox Themes

CrunchBang comes with many default themes, which can be viewed in the 'Themes' tab. These themes govern the look of the titlebar and frames etc, nothing within the actual windows, for that you will need to change the GTK theme, you can do that using DESKTOP lxappearance.

Installing Themes

Whilst downloading you may well be given to open with 'Openbox Configuration Manager' rather than saving, if so select the radio button to open with that, and click 'Ok' your theme should be installed.

If not, this may be because the file is compressed, (an uncompressed file should have an .obt extension). To extract you can use a file manager, simply navigate to the directory where you downloaded your file to (by default ~/downloads), right click on the file and select extract/uncompress. Or in the terminal type (assuming it has a '.tar.gz' extension):

tar xvzf ~/downloads/file_you_have_just_downloaded

for other options see the tar man page:

man tar 

Once you have the plain .obt file simply launch Obconf, go to the theme tab, and select 'Install new theme…', navigate to where you saved your theme and select it then click 'Ok'.

your theme will then be saved in ~/.themes, and you should be able to see it in Obconf.

Where to find Themes


The appearance tab allows you to set what buttons appear in the title area (close, minimise,,maximise etc) and in what order, also what fonts are used on titles and menus etc.


Allows you to set the number of desktops, as well as whether a notification is shown when you switch desktops.


This allows you to configure Openbox to work with a dock if you have one.

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