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Release Notes - CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02

The final builds of CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 are now available. This is the second revision of the third release of the distribution. As the version number suggests, it is based on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. As with previous releases, 8.10.02 has been built from scratch using the Ubuntu MinimalCD. The builds were completed on the 16th January 2009 and contain all security and packages updates available at the time from the Ubuntu repositories.

What's new?

This release sees a number of changes. One of the biggest changes has been to way in which the LiveCD images are built; new desktop metapackages have been created and most packages are listed as recommended. This should fix the previous issues with package removals whilst providing better options for upgrading to future releases. Other changes include:


  • PCMan File Manager replaces Thunar.
  • Xfce4 integration/dependencies removed removed in favour of LXDE components.
  • VLC returns to replace Totem as the default media player.
  • Qt4 applications (VLC & Skype) are now styled with qgtkstyle, providing a unified look-and-feel to the desktop.
  • A new Tango icon theme for Claws Mail.
  • Leafpad included as an alternative editor to gedit.
  • Gdebi installed by default.
  • New system updater script installed and added to the main Openbox menu and assigned to a shortcut key.
  • An additional shortcut key defined to Openbox's client list menu for easy management of virtual desktops.
  • gPodder podcast catcher installed and included in the “Internet” menu.
  • Xfburn replaces Brasero.
  • OSMO, a handy personal organiser replaces Orage.
  • A new Openbox pipemenu replaces the old “Places” menu.
  • A new Openbox pipemenu replaces the old “Help” menu.
  • A new “Terminal Apps” menu added, includes the following applications:
    • Vim - editor
    • Midnight Commander - file manager
    • rtorrent - BitTorrent client
    • MoC - music player
    • Newsbeuter - feed reader
    • elinks - web browser
    • MUTT - email client
    • irssi - IRC client
    • naim - chat client
    • htop - system monitor
  • Better support for Atheros based wireless cards via the ath5k module.
  • ndiswrapper installed for non-supported wireless cards.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs reported in 8.10.01 have been squished:

  • Printing/Broken CUPS.
  • Default icons fixed in lxpanel's application launcher.
  • Logout button fixed in lxpanel.
  • Broken DVD playback in Totem - no longer an issue as DVD playback is now handled by VLC.
  • Terminator terminal flickering.
  • Terminator palette fixed.
  • Conky restart script fixed.
  • Default Openbox theme fixed.
  • Sensible ALSA sound levels set on first boot.
  • Added support for JFS and XFS.

CrunchBang "Lite" Edition

CrunchBang “Lite” is identical to above, but has less applications installed. It is ideal for users who would like to build/customise their own systems starting from a smaller installation. See the list of installed applications for more information.

CrunchEee Eee PC Edition

CrunchEee is an ASUS Eee PC specific version of CrunchBang Linux. CrunchEee features:

Download locations

Please see the CrunchBang Linux 8.10.02 downloads page for download locations and alternative installations methods.

See more screenshots

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