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Z-Obsolete VARIOUS Statler Alpha 2 TODO List

A TODO list for the Statler Alpha 2 release. Note, items have been implemented for the next build.

  • Look into adding USB specific images for download.
  • Add support for Broadcom wireless cards (BCM94312MCG).
  • Add Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE). Requested here.
  • Modify default GDM theme:
  • Add LiveCD syslinux menu item to boot from HD or exit. Requested here.
  • Add Openbox menu item for “gksudo gdmsetup”. Requested here.
  • Add community created artwork packages. Requested here.
  • Restore themes missing from previous releases, Dyne etc. Requested here.
  • Provide better information with regards to “how to install”, “how to install from a USB stick” etc. from the download page.
  • Fix tab completion when using sudo. Requested here.
  • Add MD5 files to download page. Requested here.
  • Look into project hosting/version control services, or create own on Dr. Bunsen.
  • Convert current build-time package lists into new meta packages.
  • Look into providing the latest Conky with Lua support. Mentioned here.
  • Add support for host name resolution via Multicast DNS. See forum post.
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