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Z-Obsolete VARIOUS Statler Alpha 2 ISSUES

Most of us who've tried CrunchBang Statler think it's awesome. But being in alpha, of course there are issues, and suggestions to be made.

This is a rough attempt to list some of the issues, from a newbie user's perspective:


  • some warnings about drivers are given that aren't needed (artefacts of the Debian install).
  • partition setup isn't as clear as some Linux installers, esp if you existing partitions. Even in 2008 (or maybe 2009, at the latest) the Mandriva installer recognized existing partitions, showed them clearly with mount points, and gave a “keep existing partitions” option
  • suggestion: Look for a Debian-based distro with a nice installer. MEPIS?


  • XFCE menu is called by super+alt, not super+space as written on desktop (conky display)
  • Hibernate (pm-hibernate command) doesn't work, at least for some users - computer reboots when powered up again. See thread Suspend/Hibernate for laptops in Statler?

Looks like a Debian Squeeze issue, so presumably will get fixed. But it's working for some people on Squeeze, even if one reports that it doesn't work via the GUI.

Possibly relevant: Debian User Forums - Hibernate/Suspend issues on SqueezeIf this is a gdm3 issue then how about a different session manager - e.g. an earlier gdm or wdm?

  • No option to set date and time

See forum thread Changing time zone? Via Openbox menu?

  • User sometimes not added to sudoers file
  • /etc/apt/sources.list sometimes has incorrect repos

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