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ABOUT Wiki Style Guide

for the moment this is just a collection of a few tips and possible useful pages, you don't have to read it, i'm just writing it to promote some kind of consistency.

Creating a new wiki page

The CrunchBang wiki is a community project and everyone is welcome to register to help create and maintain pages. To create a new page, enter the address you would like to use in your browsers address bar. If you are a registered user and logged in, and if the address has not already been taken, you will be given the opportunity to create a new page.

For example, if you wanted to create a new page detailing how to do something totally awesome, you might enter the address:

See the Formatting Syntax page for more help and information about constructing your new wiki page.

* Please remember that the first headline in your Wikipage is what will be shown as your pagename on the Index page.

Crunchbang / #! / Crunchbang linux ?

I've spoken to Corenominal and he said CrunchBang (capital C, Capital B), so thats what i'm using.

Other links

these are a few pages covering common things that you may want to cover, you can link to these to save you duplicating it in the page itself.


Things you may want to think about before writing your article.

  • Don't get corenominal sued by plagarising.
  • Remember its not for you, it for someone who may not know anything about linux.
  • Is it a default app? consider having instructions to access it, does it have a keybinding?
  • Not a default app? consider including instructions on how to install it, or link to these instructions.
  • Is it in the menu? many things including man pages and configuration files can be accessed through the menu.
  • Does it need its own page? If its a cool little conky script could it go on the conky page?
  • If it does need its own page consider linking it to relevant pages, the current aim is have a page for all major default apps, if one doesn't exist think about creating one.

Cheat Sheet

see Formatting Syntax for a full list of options

<code></code> code tags are useful for code and terminal input.

%% //italics// %%

stops special tags being interpreted. //italics//

[[|google]], [[about]]

google, About CrunchBang Linux
links are surrounded by double square brackets, to change the name of the link use a '|', local pages just need the name, the link name take the title from the actual page, rather than page name.

{{image}} image
{{ image?100}} image right aligned (note the space), scaled to 100 pixels wide
{{image?100x50 }} left aligned 100 x 50 pixels


put howtos in the 'howto' name space ie add howto to the path ie

that way it will show up in the howto index

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