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Terminator is CrunchBang's default terminal. Its based on Gnome terminal, its best feature is it's ability to show multiple terminals on one screen, but it also uses tabs aswell.

Terminator is available in the menu under Terminal, it can also be launched using the W-t shortcut (Windows/super key - terminal).


The most basic keybindings are:

Terminal Management
  • Ctrl-Shift-o: Split the screen horizontally
  • Ctrl-Shift-e: Split the screen vertically
  • Ctrl-Shift-t: Open a new tab
  • Ctrl-Shift-w: Close the current terminal
  • Ctrl-Shift-q: Quit Terminator
  • Ctrl-Shift-n / Ctrl-Tab: Next terminal within tab
  • Ctrl-Shift-p / Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Previous terminal within tab
  • Ctrl-Pageup: Move to next tab
  • Ctrl-Pagedown: Move to previous tab
  • Shift-Pageup: Scroll back through the current terminal
  • Shift-Pagedown: Scroll forward through the current terminal

For a full list of commands enter:

man terminator

in the terminal.


Many options are available by right clicking within a terminal window and selecting 'Edit profile', keybindings can be checked and changed, colours can be changed, you can even choose a picture as a default background, just make your changes and click apply. You should note that changes will only remain for that instance of terminator.

For your changes to the configuration to remain, you must edit the ~/.config/terminator/config file, which can also be accessed in the menu under Preferences –> Terminator Config –> Edit config file

Full documentation is available in the man page, which can be accessed by typing in the terminal:

man terminator_config

it can also be accessed through the menu under Preferences –> Terminator Config –> man page.

Using the Terminal

please see this page for further information on using the terminal.


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