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Z-X-Obsolete Test Front Page

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About CrunchBang Linux

Getting Crunchbang

CrunchBang is released in two versions, the standard edition and the Lite edition, both available in 32bit and 64bit versions.

Crunchbang Standard Crunchbang Lite
Download 32 bit | 64 bit 32 bit | 64 bit
Application list Standard app list Lite app list

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing Crunchbang

New Users

Completely new to linux ?

Read the Introduction to linux page.

New to CrunchBang ?


For more help and information on using CrunchBang's default applications see the Z-obsolete Default Applications [NEEDS EDITING/OUTDATED] page.

For information on other applications, see the APPLICATIONS Non Default Apps page.


Handy guides to doing things in CrunchBang.


Look and Feel

See these pages for modifying the look and feel of CrunchBang.

DESKTOP Theming CrunchBang Linux


current translation efforts.

ABOUT Translations


Index of all CrunchBang wiki pages.


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