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VLC (Video Lan Client) is CrunchBang's default media player, accessible in the the menu under 'Media Player', it also has the keybinding W-m (Windows/Superkey-m) assigned to it. Out of the box VLC has support for DVDs, MP3s, Flash and many other formats, it also has the ability to stream music and video over a network.

Playing Something

Under 'Media' on the top level menu select 'open file'

or from the terminal:

vlc ~/path/to/file

A list of commands is available in the VLC Help menu or in the terminal using the command:

vlc -H | less 

To play files without VLC's user interface, use:

cvlc ~/path/to/file

Change Aspect ratio

Using VLC, you can override the source aspect ratio as command line option

vlc --aspect-ratio 16:9

or in the Preference dialog of VLC's GUI (Preferences → Video → Source aspect ratio)

Common aspect ratios are:

  Fullscreen: 1.33 or 4:3
  Widescreen: 1.78 or 16:9
  Typical DVD: 1.85
  Cinemascope: 2.35 

Extract Audio from DVD

This one-liner can extract the audio of a .ts file and save it into an .mp3

vlc file.ts --no-sout-video --sout '#std{mux=raw,dst=file.mp3}'

This one-liner produces an uncompressed AC3 audio file.

vlc --no-sout-video dvdsimple:///dev/scd0@1:1 :sout='#std{access=file,mux=raw,dst=./file.ac3}'

Check and change paths and file names if no output is produced.


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